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Informational factor plays a significant role in modern civilisation, it actually becomes a basic form-building factor for the environment. Human psyche, spirit and mind are the most important ingredients of the informational environment. Modern scientific research proves the defining role of weak informational connections, interactions in the development and proper functioning of both, particular living organisms and biosphere as such. Self-organisation processes in the planetary biosphere-noosphere and on the level of particular living organisms depend on these connections.

Ancient Indian tradition speaks of Akasha chronics — a kind of informational bank of our planet that stores knowledge of ancient civilisations and cultures. Yet, it is not just a passive storage but rather the planetary super-consciousness which actively influences evolutionary processes of the planetary biosphere and humanity. Its nature is non-local and it is unified with every little corpuscle of Earth and all creatures dwelling it.

Later on this idea was further developed by Carl Jung in his concept of collective unconscious. Alike conception belongs to V.Vernadsky, who created the term noosphere — the unified informational environment of our planet. Such views can be also found in works of Pierre T. de Chardin and A.Kestler.

The concept of noosphere has at least two important practical aspects. The first aspect concerns the ecology of the informational environment and tasks connected with recovering of planetary noosphere self-organisation mechanisms and resisting increasing chaos. This, first of all, includes informational environment with its coordination systems, TV, Internet and other mass media and also subtle levels of reality and subtle beings (spirits, ghosts etc.). Studies on the nature of vital energy, harmonic relations between humans and the energies of their surrounding and subtle beings that live there (geomancy) belong to this field too.

Another aspect is related to human individual development, his interaction with the informational environment and subtle reality. This embraces awakening and development of deep resources of human psyche, creative potential and its strengthening, activation of vital tone, natural protective forces of our organism. Special attention is paid to the matter of good and evil, protection of human soul from psycho-manipulative influences.

Our attitude relies on the synthesis of ancient and up-to-date knowledge, wide use of ancient civilisations' experience and technologies. However, it is not a blind copying but the further development on the basis of the most modern know-how, including electronics and virtual reality. For that reason Institute's programs pay the greatest attention to expeditions to the distant parts of our planet where remains of ancient civilisations still survived.

Main directions of work

Study on mechanisms of interaction of human mind and planetary noosphere.

Analysis of positive and negative aspects of influences of the modern informational technologies on Earth's noosphere.

Study of ancient attitudes towards harmonisation of human relations with planetary noosphere, their adaptation to modern civilisation and further development.

Search and analysis of ancient sacral knowledge and prophecies concerning the genesis of human civilisation, sense of existence and ways of future development.

Two spheres of applied projects

Human civilisation and planetary noosphere:

  • Planetary noosphere: resisting increasing chaos,
  • Metahistorical connections (metahistory),
  • Possible scenarios of the human civilisation development.

Human and his nearest surrounding:

  • Forming harmonic environment,
  • Harmonisation of psyche and awakening of its deep resources,
  • Interpersonal relations,
  • Creating favourable conditions for the spiritual growth.

Research programs

  1. Planetary places of power, their connection with appearance and development of human civilisation;
  2. Cartography of subtle reality;
  3. Metahistorical connections, their influence on the modern historic processes;
  4. Archetypal symbols and languages of unconscious;
  5. Psychology of computer virtual reality;
  6. Study on the nature of vital energy (scientific metaphor: theory of chaos, synergetics);
  7. Ancient informational and psychotronic technologies and methods, their adaptation and development.

Applied programs

  1. Making informational and energetic environment beneficial for spiritual practices and for the awakening of hidden possibilities of the organism;
  2. Vital energies of the landscape, geomancy, psycho-energetic design of home and office;
  3. Applied ways of use of the labyrinth magic and the resonance of forms;
  4. Informational and psychological safety. Technologies of protection from psycho-manipulative influences and totalitarian sects;
  5. Adaptation of human to unfavourable conditions of the environment;
  6. Virtual scanner of informational fields;
  7. Virtual psychoanalysis.


Institute's activities include research, practical elaboration and educational programs in the sphere of ecology of the informational environment. Its work is based on the conviction that our planet is a living organism, which is able to develop and self-organise and which actively influences human civilisation (noosphere).

Institute's tasks concern elaboration of efficient methods of harmonisation of planetary noosphere and prevention of the destructive influence of the modern informational technologies. For this purpose both, modern scientific attitudes and adapted methods of ancient civilisations are used.

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