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Our web site is devoted to the problem of relationships between the humans and the invisible tiny world — the world of ideas, information streams, physical fields and different space dimensions. We see our objective in adaptation of knowledge about this world, accumulated by ancient civilizations of our planet: various shamanic traditions, mystic schools of East and West, esoteric religions. And the most important — the further development of our conceptions about tiny world, its influence on the modern civilization, new aspects of interaction with it connected with the latest computer and information technologies. We would like our web site to become the virtual laboratory uniting people interested in these problems and aspiring to the synthesis of scientific and esoteric knowledge about multidimensional reality.


Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology
[Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology (RFTP) is the nongovernmental organization founded in 1995 for research and education in transpersonal and related spheres... Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology (RFTP) is the nongovernmental organization founded in 1995 for research and education in transpersonal and related spheres.]

International Noosphere Institute
[Informational factor plays a significant role in modern civilisation, it actually becomes a basic form-building factor for the environment. Human psyche, spirit and mind are the most important ingredients of the informational environment.]

[According to many ancient prophecies our time is the time of serious confrontations, catastrophes and the passage to the qualitatively new stage of the human civilisation development. The scenario of this development can be not beneficial and hence lead to perish.]

places of power
[Studying possible informational channels, enabling influence on the biosphere's self-regulative mechanisms in order to decrease the chaos it is represented by rather important problem. In this respect certain geographic zones of Earth, known since the ancient times as places of power or holly places, are particularly interesting.]

[the traditional shamans left feel that the situation in these areas is very unfavourable. They say that if an area is inhabited by many spirits, but there is no human to control them, the spirits proliferate and become very aggressive causing grave damage to people.]

Kunta Yoga
[Every of 12 mandalas represent an ancient mystic sign an archetype of spiritual development and overcoming of negative aspects of the nature of self. The psychic crystallization, giving birth to the inner harmony from the chaos of thoughts and desires, is the base of fractal mandalas that show archetypal signs on a background of accordingly selected fractal patterns.]

[One of the paradoxes of the modern civilisation is the simultaneous development of the democratic traditions and institutes and the rapid rise of the manipulative methods and technologies.]

surprising secrets of Jambudvipa
[The section "Surprising secrets of Jambudvipa" is an assembly surprising and improbable at first sight events, incidents and the statistical data, called to help the modern person to be guided better in our inconsistent and confusing world.]

art of noosphere archetypes
[The authors of the submitted works have devoted long years to spiritual search and laborious research of ancient traditions, their judgement in connection with the life of the modern person and society. All their products are penetrated with life-giving light of Goods and Reason, Belief and Love.]

[Here it is possible to read and free-of-charge to download products of such world famous scientists as , etc. Many books have not been republished from the beginning of XX century, others are issued by small circulations and are practically inaccessible in printing too.]

[Although Shalagram is regarded to be the metamorphosis of Vishnu, it partakes at the same time of the essence of all other deities. The worship and puja offered to Shalagram is not only to Vishnu but to all the deities. It is most efficacious to drink some water in which Shalagram is washed.]

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One of our main tasks is further development of the ancient art of geomancy and its adaptation to modern conditions



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