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Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology


Evgueny Faydysh, Andrey Gostev

Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology (RFTP) is the nongovernmental organization founded in 1995 for research and education in transpersonal and related spheres. RFTP is the first transpersonal organization in Russia and the member of EUROTAS since 1995.

RFTP activities include scientific research, practical elaboration and educational programs in the sphere of transpersonal psychology and ecology of the information environment. Our work is based on the conviction that a human is a spiritual multidimensional being and plays a large role in harmonization of information energy environment and resistance to increase of chaos through transpersonal experience. This environment associated with our planet is known as noosphere, a living organism able to develop and self-organise, which actively influences the human civilisation.

RFTP tasks concern elaboration of efficient methods for spiritual growth and health improvement of a human, development of new computer technologies using transpersonal paradigm and advances of modern science, harmonisation of the planetary noosphere and prevention of destructive influence of the modern information technologies. For this purpose both modern scientific approaches and adapted methods of ancient civilisations are used.

Main directions of work

  • Study of subtle reality nature and its manifestations in the transpersonal experience (altered and shamanic states of consciousness).
  • Cartography of multidimensional subtle worlds (transpersonal maps). Creation of computer virtual interactive maps on the basis of different shamanic traditions and esoteric religions.
  • Channeling and new psychomanipulative technologies, methods of protection.
  • Ancient and modern psychotronic technologies and devices.

Research programs

  1. Transpersonal nature of the Earth, significance of planetary places of power, their connection with appearance and development of human civilisation;
  2. Metahistorical connections, their influence on the modern historic processes, ancient apocalyptic knowledge and forecasting of possible scenarios of the human civilisation development;
  3. Archetypical symbolics and transpersonal languages of unconscious;
  4. Transpersonal psychology of computer virtual reality;
  5. Study of the vital energy nature using modern scientific paradigm (theory of dynamic chaos, synergetics);
  6. Ancient information and psychotronic technologies and methods, their adaptation and development.

Applied programs

  1. Elaboration of new psychotraumatic problems development technologies using the interactive computer systems. Virtual psychoanalysis;
  2. Creation of information and energy environment beneficial for spiritual practices and for awakening of hidden possibilities of an organism;
  3. Vital energies of a landscape, geomancy, Feng-Shui, transpersonal psycho-energy design at home, office and outdoors;
  4. Applied ways of using of the labyrinth archetypes and the resonance of forms;
  5. Information and psychological safety. Protection technologies from psycho-manipulative influences and totalitarian sects;
  6. Virtual scanner of information fields, oracle systems.


Information design. Using of ancient geomancy in modern life. Feng-Shui, Vastu, Slavic and Celtic geomancy, and other traditions.

Vital energy. Ancient and new methods of working with vital energy. Includes three workshops.

Psychoenergy integration (psicatharsis). Author's technique of deep unconscious problems development.

Karmic problems in human life. Concept of karma, karmic experience and stages of after-death existence, psychotechnics for karmic problems development.

Death and rebirth. Methods of development and overcoming of problems connected with the fear of death, working in altered states of consciousness, mastering of psychoenergy practices.

How to survive in consuming society. Basic principles of protection from modern technologies for mind manipulation.

Psychology of virtual reality and archetypical symbolics. Virtual scanner for information and energy fields reading. Mantic systems and the Virtual Oracle, using of traditional archetypical symbolics for the purposes of psychoanalysis.

Shamanism. Basic archetypes of Siberian and North American shamanism. Shamanic states of consciousness as a source of transpersonal experience. Virtual shamanic maps.

RFTP structure

President of Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology

Evgueny Faydysh.

Vice-president of Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology

Andrey Gostev.

RFTP departments

Archetypal information of ancient cultures: Dmitry Ryazanov.

Psychotronic car technologies (psychotronic tuning): Ilias Baidalinov.

Architecture, information design and geomancy: Kairat Kairbekov.

Modern psychotechnologies and spiritual practicians of the East (Seaside office of Institute): Larisa Fursova.

RFTP foreign branches

Greece (Athens): Konstantin Bursanidi.

Latvia (Riga): Andrej Golovirskih.

Web sites

For the detailed information about RFTP activities, research and applied programs, workshops and expeditions please refer to the RFTP web sites:


Cartography of subtle reality, virtual shamanic maps. Transpersonal background of metahistorical process. Ancient and modern psychotronic technologies. Esoteric transpersonal archetypes from ancient traditions (Runic signs, Kunta yoga, etc.). Dangers of information technologies.


Transpersonal design, geomancy and Feng-Shui. Ecology of planetary information environment.

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