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Conception and working principles of the Virtual Oracle

Evgueny Faydysh, Alexey Ivanov
International Noosphere Institute


A new non-local information fields objectivization technology is introduced. A unique type of human-machine registering systems — computer virtual scanners, or oracles — are developed. Their action is based on the same synchronicity principle as in traditional foretelling systems, but realized by means of modern technologies for computer simulation and virtual reality using the latest ideas of quantum mechanics, dynamic chaos theory and fractal sets. The virtual scanner can be used for visualization of energies at home or outdoors (geomantic analysis), working with deep psychic problems of a person, as well as for mantic (foretelling) purposes. A new technique for concentration intensification of a person is presented increasing the efficiency of working with virtual scanner. Possible dangers concerned with using of the Oracle are considered.

1 Physical principles of mantic process

1.1 Holistic paradigm of information interaction

The vast majority of contemporary devices for study and objectivization of biological fields are based on the traditional signal sequential processing technology. In this case first the special sensor (detector) receives a signal, then it is analysed, processed and recognized. In other words, the atomic paradigm "at first divide, then assemble again" is used. This approach works good with usual technical equipment, however it is poor applicable to the complex non-equilibrium systems, alive beings. Imagine what you will get if you first cut a living creature into small pieces, and then try to "put them together".

The peculiarity of everything alive is its fundamental indivisibility. In this case it is impossible to separate the individual functional elements (sensors, analyzers, etc.). They are as if spread to the whole system, are not located in some concrete place, just as it is not possible to point on a hologram at some specific part of an image [1].

Such "holographic" or, speaking more definitely, fractal principle of organization is characteristic exactly for alive things, complicated ecological and social systems. Only in latest ten years it started to enter the modern technics based on the qualitative new scientific paradigm.

Accordingly, the proposed methods of information fields objectivization are built on holistic principles and modern conceptions of quantum mechanics, synergetics and theory of fractal sets.

1.2 Synchronicity

Another very important principle of new generation of information fields objectivization technologies is connected with acausal, or synchronous, interaction. It underlies the most ancient mantic systems and oracles.

It is important to emphasize that we mean the quite different interactions that are beyond the habitual scope of cause-effect relations. What, for example, cause-effect relations can exist between the stains of coffee ground and the future events not yet occurred? Or between the crack pattern on tortoise shell thrown into the fire and events that happen thousands kilometres away? Although the synchronicity is known for many thousands years already and was actively used in practice by many human generations, in scientific use it was introduced relatively not long ago, above all because of works of Carl Jung [2].

This is how the traditional mantic system works. As a rule they use a chaotic process as a sensor. This can be a crack pattern appeared on a bone had been thrown into the fire (foretelling by a ram's shoulder, tortoise shell). Sophisticated shapes formed by viscera of sacrificial animal, contents of a broken hen's egg poured out into the slightly salted water, vortices in whirlpool of water-mill, stains of coffee ground and many others. In all these cases a peculiar projection screen is arisen, and in forms appeared on it one can see the necessary information. But still there's need to interpret it. And this is also not a simple task. In ancient time such projection screen was often identified as a magic mirror reflecting the events of past and future.

In another type of mantic systems the interpretation of an answer is a little simpler. In this case a random process is applied for the choice of one of the many previously stated variants of prediction, or combination of fixed elements of prediction (basic archetypes). The famous Chinese Book Of Changes "I Ching" with 64 hexagrams belongs to such systems, as well as Runic oracle, Tarot cards and many others. The sensor can be a tossing of coins or dices, dealing of cards or runes, complicated combinatorial searching of milfoil sticks, etc.

Both using the magic mirror and the choice of an answer from the fixed set of variants a special attention should be paid to the concentration on the question. It "attracts" the requisite information and defines the success of mantic process.

1.3 Quantum models of physical objects

The use of quantum mechanics ideas can help to understand deeper the nature of synchronicity. Starting from the quantum-mechanical models of physical reality all objects of our world are considered as wave packets "spread" to the whole 4-dimensional space-time continuum. In this worldview our universe is more similar to the ocean surface, covered with countless waves penetrating each other. If each of us is a wave or, more precisely, wave packet, then the limits of our body are rather relative.

In other words, only a part of a physical object is contained inside what we call its surface. The other part, though considerably smaller, is determined by the "tails" of wave functions. It is as if "spread" to the whole our space. It is incredible that some part of our body is present in every spot of our city, every place on the globe, galaxy, universe. Moreover, there is a part of us inside the body of every other living being inhabiting our planet. It is clear that from this point of view the rigid localization of lifeless objects and alive beings within the boundaries of their surface is in many respects the illusion of our perception.

The same wave functions describe our position not only in space, but also in time. With relation to this, some small part of us is located in the past and in the future. It plainly follows that every moment of the present comprises the "tails" of wave functions both the remote objects and the objects from the distant past and future.

In this quantum picture of the world the physical objects and the processes, outwardly not interacting by no means and separated both in space and time, can be connected very closely [3, 4]. Such ties were known from the great antiquity as a synchronicity phenomenon.

This type of interactions was confirmed experimentally in modern researches. So, A.R.Sheldrake [5] gives an example of synthesis of anhydrous ethylene diamine tartrate crystals on the several factories situated in the different countries on spots on the globe distant from each other. When on one factory a new hydrate had appeared corrupting the crystal surface, this phenomenon immediately occurred on the other factories.

The analogous case is the so-called "effect of a hundredth monkey". If a certain critical number of animals in a population, for example, monkeys in some area, acquire some habit, it instantly passed to every other herd, without direct physical contact (for example, living on the other island). This can be a washing of potatoes, opening of milk bottles, etc.

In all these cases we face exactly with the interactions via 4-dimensional quantum wave functions of physical objects, or with so-called non-local interactions.

Thus, an oracle or mantic process allows revealing the non-local interaction of wave functions from the past or future with the present. Or among the objects very distant from each other.

1.4 Examples of synchronicities

The synchronicity can be demonstrated with the situation happened to us in August of 2004 in Scotland. After participation in the international conference for transpersonal psychology in London we together with colleagues from Russia decided to examine the most interesting stone circles in England and Scotland. We rented a car and started our journey. That day, 24 of August, by the end of the day we drove to one of the most favourite stone circles — "Easter Aquorthies" [6]. Since it is situated in the backwoods we have found it not at once. First we got to the long footpath. Its parking and entrance were like near megalithic complex. When we realized our mistake we drive further and in 300 metres found our stone circle.

When we were on our way back from the stone circle to the parking, it was getting dark, around 8 pm local time (11 pm Moscow time). Then we saw two policemen that were walking towards us. It turned out that they have been looking for us. As it proved later, someone had called to the police station and told about a group of suspicious people in this area. And their leader was carrying a suitcase chained to his arm with handcuffs. The leader of the terrorists was one of the authors with a notebook in his suitcase. But it is hard to imagine where the watchful citizens saw the handcuffs.

The misunderstanding was clarified quickly, and the police apologized to us and even helped us to find a reasonable hotel in the next town. But in the morning listening to the news during the breakfast we learned the other more deep meaning of this misunderstanding. It turned out that exactly at the same time when we met the police near "Easter Aquorthies" stone circle, Chechen terrorists exploded two airplanes in Russia. As we told before, it happened at 8 pm local time or 11 pm Moscow time (the time difference between Scotland and Moscow equals to 3 hours).

If we estimate the probability of accidental coincidence of these two events, it will be close to zero. Especially considering the fact that it was the first incident with police during many travels to the West Europe and USA. So we have in this case a classic synchronicity.

Now let's try to investigate its deep meaning. To do this first we should recur to the conference in London. We had two workshops there directly connected with the problems of globalization, controlled terrorism and channeling in virtual reality. Also we discussed the theme of Apocalypse in various religious traditions, the archetype of Antichrist and biometric identification of a person, the satanic number 666, repeatedly touching on the controlled terrorism technologies — one of the main instruments of current stage of globalization.

Hence it is clear that we quite greatly resonated with the problem of terrorism as unconcealed antagonists of the shady forces that control it. In addition, it is unlikely that the global backstage would hunt for us using the police particularly at the moment of explosion in the sky of Russia. It seems that the most possible hypothesis is that there are some infernal power behind the controlled terrorism intruding to our reality from tiny world.

Naturally, the general break-through occurs where the tragedy develops and people perish. But at the same time it impacts the other important planetary places, although not so strong. It is clear that the places of power are among them, especially those where the ancient megalithic complexes still remain. Since the stone circle forms a protected inner space, we were safe inside the circle. The attack attempt started when we had left the circle. And the classic substitution scenario was used: to accuse the fighters of what they fight with. Recall the arson of Reichstag made by Nazis and marked the beginning of mass terror against communists, socialists, etc.

"Watchful citizens" and police obviously didn't become aware of what kind of game they were involved. They simple served as the instruments managed by synchronisms. And the effect of infernal world shifted the equilibrium to the desired direction. Thus, one of the motives to call the police was an illusion of a suitcase chained to an arm with handcuffs. Now let's imagine that one of the police was a psychopathic person. Roused by the fear of terrorism, especially at twilight, he could "saw" that one of us was taking out arms, and opened aimed fire. So we were lucky very much that the policemen sent for our souls turned out to be the young friendly boys with a quite sound mind. And the light energies of one of the most powerful stone circles in Scotland helped to destroy the delusion of demonic forces.

However, this incident showed us absolutely unambiguously that the power hiding behind the world terrorism, in particular Chechen, is demonic ultramundane forces, perhaps preparing the advent of Antichrist.

Here are some more numerological "coincidences" of the same kind that were registered at September, 11 in New York. Again number 11 appears: two airplanes exploded simultaneously — 11; two women-terrorists — 11; almost complete analogy with Twin Towers resembled number 11. The seat numbers of terrorists were: No.28 = 1 (Tu-134, Volgograd) и No.19F = 1 Tu-154, Sochi). Once more two 1 form 11 [8].

The other variant of synchronicities observed in stone circles manifests as peculiar tests, trials or initiations. Very often before entering the circle some barriers appear. If you successfully pass them, the reward will be a meeting with the circle. If you fail, then you are not ready for this meeting yet. The similar situations are described in the fairy tales and myths. Only passed through a lot of different trials a hero achieves the cherished object. Moreover, frequently such obstacles emerge long before the travel to the country where the megalithic complexes are situated.

As an example we can cite our visit to the other Scottish stone circle "Loanhead of Daviot" [7]. When we drove up to the circle, suddenly a hard gale began. It was so strong that we hardly went out the car. It got overcast. It seemed that the storm began. Although the distance to the circle was only 150 metres, a great temptation appeared to get in the car and drive back. After we had gone about 50 metres bending down and catching on the trees, the gale dropped. And when we had entered the circle, the wind stopped, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. All the time while we were inside the circle, it was still and sunny.

2 Virtual Oracle — a computer realization of mantic system

Study and analysis of different prediction methods and fundamental works of C.Jung and W.Pauli [2] concerning synchronicity allow us to approach to an understanding of non-local information reception mechanism. This was an incitement to develop a new class of computer-based systems — virtual scanners, or oracles. Their work is based on the same synchronicity principle as in traditional mantic systems, though implemented on the modern technological basis using the new conceptions of quantum mechanics, theory of dynamic chaos and fractal sets.

Although the elaboration of virtual scanner demanded the solution of a whole series of complicated technical problems, its working principles are rather simple. Per se, it is a sort of a "magic mirror", on which the dynamic image forms representing the desired information. It happens in the same way as the melted wax being poured out into the hot water and then hardened reveals the answer on the posed question. The difference is only that the traditional mantic systems use non-equilibrium physical-chemical processes, while in the virtual scanner the non-equilibrium system is being simulated by means of differential equations set. And the visual capabilities of the virtual "magic mirror" are incomparably greater than any of traditional divination systems.

2.1 Oracle as a human-machine system

In the Virtual Oracle the scanned image (scan) is a result of interaction of a human-operator and a computer. The user plays two main roles. On the one hand, concentrating on the question he/she acts as a peculiar filter extracting information concerned with the desired process or object from the huge spectrum of quantum fields. On the other hand, pressing and releasing the button on the keyboard the user initiates the chaotic process of branching bifurcations and reads the results of its work, according to which an image forms (see Fig.1). Exactly this process is a detector of topologic resonance, providing the informational archetypical similarity between the object and its scan.

In turn, the computer algorithmically recreates a chaotic process itself, a model of those chaotic physical-chemical systems used in traditional mantic systems (melted wax, coffee ground, etc.). And certainly the computer renders a virtual environment forming the complex dynamic image of the scan.

It is important to emphasize that just the user, starting and stopping the chaos, generates acausal synchronous interaction. It produces a topologic resonance making the scanned image. Hence it is clear that human is a prime element of scanning process. In other words, the virtual scanner is not a usual registering apparatus like a tomograph or an echometer, but a quantum human-machine system.

Fig. 1. Mechanism of image definition in the virtual scanner.

Fig. 1. Mechanism of image definition in the virtual scanner.

Earlier researches of interaction between alive beings psyche and algorithmic processes were conducted by R.Jahn [9] and recently P.Fenwick [10].

2.2 Chaotic process

The use of chaotic process makes the system more sensitive in contrast to the other variants of synchronism detection based on the random number generator (RNG) or high-frequency number sequence generator (HFNSG). In two latter cases the detection occurs due to uniform random sampling. And only neural-muscular level of user reaction is used.

In the case of chaotic process owing to the seizing the moment of its stopping (releasing of the button), in addition to muscle the information interaction between user psyche and algorithmic process is engaged. The process rate is many times higher than the human response rate, running up to 250 kHz (with period about 4 microseconds).

It seems very interesting and promising to apply a physical system functioning in chaotic mode as a chaotic process in the Oracle. Now the research in this direction is conducted.

The computer models of trajectories of two systems (without user participation) in 3-dimensional phase space are represented below: strange attractor and RNG, see Fig.2 and 3 respectively. The difference in nature of these processes becomes apparent more explicitly by sight: in case of strange attractor — enchanting topologically complex picture, in case of RNG — uniform random fill of space.

Fig. 2. Trajectory of system with chaotic process.

Fig. 2. Trajectory of system with chaotic

Fig. 3. Trajectory of system with random number generator (RNG).

Fig. 3. Trajectory of system with random
number generator (RNG).

The chaotic process in the Oracle is realized algorithmically in the form of 2-dimensional second-order mapping:



The coefficients of mapping (1) are selected in such a way that the mapping runs in the chaotic mode and forms the strange attractor (see Fig.4) [11].

Fig. 4. Strange attractor formed by chaotic mapping.

Fig. 4. Strange attractor formed by chaotic mapping.

A random number from the mapping actual range defines a mapping seed value equation02. It can be determined by the standard Random procedure returning a pseudorandom number, or by a special algorithm using, for example, the program launching time.

Pressing the button the user initiates the chaotic process. The mapping starts working with frequency about several hundreds kilohertz. The mapping values at the moment of button releasing, i.e. stopping of chaotic process, are used for the evaluation of scene vector components ai.

The analysis of chaotic mappings of higher dimensionalities seems to be interesting with relation to possible unusual effects of topologic resonance, connected with their multidimensionality. Besides, many-dimensional mappings allow to define completely the scene elements. For instance, using 3-dimensional mapping (2) the values x, y, z can be associated with the coordinates of figures in the virtual scan space. 3-dimensional second-order mapping:



During the algorithmic implementation of chaotic process the question emerges related to the choice of chaotic mapping by its parameters: dimension n, order, Lyapunov exponent equation04 and fractal dimension F. Really, any sufficiently complicated strange attractor, working with consciousness, is one of the components of interadaptable system. While there is no empirically obtained mathematical criteria for selection of strange attractors, visual and psychoenergetic characteristics are applied.

2.3 Result of the scanning

Result of the scanning is a scene vector equation05; Sn is n-dimensional scene space, where n is the number of features, or scene structural components. The scene vector components equation06 are determined by the chaotic mapping values at the moment when the user stops it, normalized to the collection (thesaurus) size of i-th scene feature. Thus, vector a unambiguously defines the scanned image in the scene space.

The mantic system — the Oracle — corresponds to the non-determined mapping Х of m-dimensional scanned objects space equation07 onto the n-dimensional scene space Sn. The mapping equation08, in addition to the chaotic process, includes a function of user concentration equation09. Introducing the metric for the scene space Sn and the distance between scenes, it is possible to perform the clusterization of scenes by basic archetypes and following analysis.

The scene is a 3-dimensional dynamic picture created by means of modern computer technologies for virtual space modelling. Such a scene consists of a fractal background and several 3-dimensional figures selected from the special collections in compliance with scene vector components ai. In the same way the other scene components are picked out: size of figures, color and texture of their surface, rotation laws and motion paths on a screen, scenarios of specified trajectories variations with time.

Also a step-by-step mode of scene creation is implemented. In this case the user sequentially initiating and stopping the chaotic process every time defines only one scene component until the scene will not be defined completely. The result of each step is displayed on the screen producing visual feedback in the human-machine system.

Considering the big size of used collections each of which includes hundreds and thousands of elements, as a result an unique image is appeared visually representing the information of the archetype of scanned object or question. Moreover, the particular scene components carry a quantity of nuances interpreted in the context of primary archetype.

It is rational to compile special thesauri for different problem areas. For instance, one thesaurus may be used for the scanning of information fields of the Earth, the other one — for the work with personal problems, the third one — for the Oracle mode (the scanning of the past and future), etc.

The basic version of the Oracle allows to receive the most complicated visual image of dynamic scan representing the maximum information of information fields structure (© E.Faydysh, 1994) [12-14]. However, the interpretation of such scan is comparatively hard demanding the thorough knowledge of archetypical symbolics (see Fig.5). That is why the basic version of the Oracle is used during professional work and exploration of information fields of planetary places of power.

For the sake of simplicity a series of special programs was created in which the ancient sign systems are used for representation of primary archetype: Scandinavian runes and signs of Kunta yoga (see Fig.6). Each rune or sign denoting a certain archetype has a verbal description that essentially facilitates the interpretation of scanning result. Yet the information received in this way is rather poorer than in the case of the basic version.

Fig. 5. Image scanned by means of basic version of the Virtual Oracle.

Fig. 5. Image scanned by means of basic version of the Virtual Oracle.

Fig. 6. Image scanned by means of runic version of the Virtual Oracle.

Fig. 6. Image scanned by means of runic version of the Virtual Oracle.

2.4 Concentration during the scanning

The human psyche plays a large role during the scanning process. Just the concentration on certain aspects of environment, situation, personal problem, allows to separate out from the infinite set of those wave functions tales, which are important for the scanned image. The insufficient concentration caused by tiredness and poor tonus leads to "random" results. And vice versa, high vitality and concentration with a high probability produce a "good" result. During this process, as stated above, the non-local interaction takes place among human psyche, computer and wave functions of scanned objects.

This stimulated the elaboration of a special technology intended for preparatory stage — relaxation, elimination of revulsive factors and user concentration intensification. This technology uses the traditional Hindu and Tibetan mandalas combined with visual logic test (see Fig.7, 8).

This technology is implemented as a special concentration unit; working with this unit is the usual stage before using the Oracle. The digits appear in different places over the mandala; the sequence and place of appearance of digits are random or specially calculated depending on the mandala. The colors of digits conform to the Chinese numerological tradition. The change rate (exposure time) and size of digits are adjusted individually. The user should perform simple operations, for example, determine the parity of digits and press the corresponding buttons on the keyboard. Computing the response time starting from the beginning of digit exposure till pressing of corresponding button, as well as the percentage of wrong pressings, the system corrects the scenario of working with user.

Such a method efficiently deepens the concentration on the mandala and the posed question.

Fig. 7. Sri yantra.

Fig. 7. Sri yantra.

Fig. 8. Trap for demons.

Fig. 8. Trap for demons.

3 Practical application of the Virtual Oracle

The Virtual Oracle both in basic and following versions is used in practice in everyday life and numerous expeditions since 1997. Over this period the Oracle proved its effectiveness and higher informative provision in comparison with traditional mantic systems. Moreover, it is extremely important that the representatives of various ancient spiritual traditions — Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Shamanism — always rate highly the results of its work.

Different versions of the Virtual Oracle were installed on the portable computer that allowed to scan the information fields of various places on earth surface (planetary places of power, ancient religious complexes), as well as the individual archetypical images connected with the personal problems of a human.

3.1 Geomantic and Karmic Oracles

To simplify the interpretation process of scanning results two versions of the Virtual Oracle were developed using the archetypical symbolics of traditional mantic systems. The Scandinavian runes are used in the first version ("Virtual Oracle", © E.Faydysh, A.Ivanov, 1998; "Geomantic Oracle", © E.Faydysh, A.Ivanov, 2003). This version may be applied both to situation forecasting and scanning of energies at home, office or outdoors. The dynamic scan including rune is provided with its verbal description assisting to grasp the meaning of the answer. During the next stage of scanning the runic mandala appeares helping to correct the original situation.

The example of such a scanning is shown in Fig.9. The question concerned the business relations. The rune Gebo has appeared during the scanning. This had indicated the auspicious forecast that was confirmed later by further march of the situation.

Fig. 9. Example of scanning by means of the Virtual Oracle. The Rune Gebo symbolizes the partnership.

Fig. 9. Example of scanning by means of the Virtual Oracle.
The Rune Gebo symbolizes the partnership.

In the other version, the Karmic Oracle, the traditional Hindu archetypes of Yama and Niyama and corresponding signs of Kunta yoga are used ("Karmic Oracle", © E.Faydysh, A.Ivanov, 2001). These archetypes help to investigate the most important personal problems more profound, understand how they are connected with energies of a home or a place [15, 16]. Working with Yama and Niyama archetypes it is possible to realize the deep karmic causes underlying the most of life problems, comprehend how to achieve the inner harmony and success [12, 16]. The karmic mandalas obtained during the scanning may be used in the design of apartment, as the effective instrument for harmonization of vital energies [12].

The example of application of the Karmic Oracle is shown in Fig.10. In this case the question related to the overcoming of family crisis. As a result the Brahmacharya sign appeared helping to learn how to control the sexual energy and direct it to the right course [12].

Fig. 10. Example of scanning by means of the Karmic Oracle. The Brahmacharya sign helps to learn how to control the sexual energy.

Fig. 10. Example of scanning by means of the Karmic Oracle. The
Brahmacharya sign helps to learn how to control the sexual energy.

3.2 Exploration of information fields of places of power and subtle entities

One more application of the Virtual Oracle concerns the visualization of information fields, archetypes associated with some place. Similar practices are also known for many thousands years. Usually for visualization they used the non-equilibrium physical-chemical process, analogous to processes used for divination. It could be vortical structures in liquid, shapes of clouds, forms emerging from flame or ash, and even viscera of sacrificial animals. The great attention was paid to natural shapes apparent on a landscape. Sometimes the images arose in consciousness of seer being in a special trance state. And, certainly, the concentration on the posed question always has played a large role.

Generally the obtained image was interpreted in the language of different types of vital energies (prana, chi), local spirits, energy streams between our material world and hierarchy of subtle worlds (fairy paths, ways of spirits, etc.). Also the archetypical symbolics of real and fantastical animals, celestial phenomena and heroes of ancient eposes was used widely for interpretation [17]. Their figures had been discovered in the shapes of a landscape, and then defined more exactly, who is it, using the oracle.

Naturally, the majority of questions was connected with favour of site for construction of dwelling, some buildings, housekeeping or business. Often the questions concerned the karma of place, i.e. events happened there earlier. If it turned out that this place was connected with something tragic or bloody, it treated as inauspicious for habitation. But it was possible to build there a temple or a chapel to transform the negative energies.

During our research we used the Virtual Oracle as for geomantic purposes (Feng-Shui), as for exploration of energies of planetary places of power, monitoring of information environment ecology. In the first case most often we worked with karmic and runic versions of the Oracle, which are plainer for interpretation [18].

For exploration of places of power we used the basic version of the Virtual Oracle presenting the most extensive archetypical symbolics. As backgrounds it employed the specially selected fractals, set of sacred images of main religious traditions, pictures of painters. The dynamic component of the scan was formed from the collection of 3-dimensional archetypical images with a quantity of various colors, textures and sizes, as well as motion trajectories.

During the scanning we were concentrating on the archetype of the place at present or asking about what had happened there in the distant past. In isolated cases the questions were related to the role of the place in noospheric processes, its connection with the hierarchy of subtle worlds.

For interpretation we were taking into account the archetypical images had appeared at that time on landscape, shapes of clouds, the pattern of light and shade, etc. Also great attention was paid to synchronicities, as well as subjective sensations emerged at the scanning moment. So, the failure of electronic devices (video or photo cameras, portable computers, cellular phones, etc.) signified the inauspicious local energies.

In the most important cases we used additionally the physical sensors registering radioactive background, gain-frequency electromagnetic spectrum, negentropy level. This data was also considered for scan interpretation. Most often we applied these sensors to the work with megalithic complexes (stone circles, dolmens, labyrinths, etc.). Usually this work included the biolocation of the place under study [19, 20].

The following results relate to the small part of a great many of scannings made according to this method in different parts of our planet. The preliminary testing of the program showed its high efficiency for visualization of energies associated with a home or a landscape.

3.2.1 Tsunami in Kanniyakumari

At the end of 2004 we made an expedition to India, and approximately in the middle of December visited the very southern point of country, the town of Kanniyakumari. This is the one of the most holy Hindu places. By a legend the virgin goddess Kanniyakumari lived there about 10000 years ago. She defeated in battle the horrible demon and saved the Earth from his tyranny. One of the main temples devoted to her is situated on a small island, near the south end of the cape (see Fig.11). This is the place where she was meditating for a long time and left a foot print on a rock. The temple created a very harmonious and auspicious impression. How great our astonishment was when we made a scan and saw hip-bones of a skeleton on it (see Fig.12).

All became clear only two weeks later when we learned of a terrible tsunami (26 of December 2004) [21, 22]. It turned out that the strongest surge swept over this small island, and many pilgrims died. A short video report of tsunami in Kanniyakumari was showed on TV news. Having compared it with our video materials shot during the expedition, we discovered that in spite of enormous destructive power of the wave the most ancient and holy temples remained safe. While the bulk of later constructions was totally destroyed.

Fig. 11. Kanniyakumari temple before tsunami.

Fig. 11. Kanniyakumari temple before tsunami.

Fig. 12. Scan made in Kanniyakumari temple two weeks before tsunami.

Fig. 12. Scan made in Kanniyakumari temple two weeks before tsunami.

3.2.2 Typhoon in Vladivostok

The beginning of August 2001, the Primorie Territory, village of Slavyanka. The scan and its description are provided by our colleagues from Vladivostok who used the Virtual Oracle.

The meeting of two cyclones suddenly causes the typhoon, which has not been predicted by the weather briefers. The typhoon produced squally wind and heavy rain. The river channel connected with the sea, and the place where the cars were driving became flooded by the river 30 meters wide. As a consequence of overflow our group got separated from the mainland, and we had to wait for the end of typhoon. Most likely we were in the very centre of "meeting", because we observed the opposing motion of clouds: the clouds of one cyclone moved clockwise, and the clouds of another cyclone moved counter-clockwise. In Fig.13 the background in the form of a butterfly resembles two cyclones, and the moving figure in the form of a large stone reflects the typhoon dynamics. The rune Algiz has a protective meaning, since from fear we repeatedly were saying our prayers during the raging typhoon.

Fig. 13. Scan made during the typhoon in Vladivostok. The rune Algiz symbolizes the protection.

Fig. 13. Scan made during the typhoon in Vladivostok.
The rune Algiz symbolizes the protection.

The mentioned "butterfly" on the background is a Lorentz attractor, one of the first discovered strange attractors connected with the chaotic behaviour of dissipative differential equations set of meteorological model.

3.2.3 Expedition to Cornwall

One of the efficient areas of use of the Virtual Oracle is an assistance in decision-making under uncertainty. The very demonstrative example of the best decision is the search for night lodging during the travel to England in August 2004.

After the scientific conference in London we left for Cornwall, the very south of Celtic England, for field studies of ancient megalithic complexes — the stone circles. We departed from London on Friday in the afternoon planning to arrive late at night, and expecting that it would be difficult to find a night lodging at the weekend. Besides, we wanted to spend the night in the region with a lot of stone circles, in order to proceed to the study in the morning without loss of time for passage. It was absolutely obscure in what town it is better for us to get off the coach and look for the lodging, because we had no information about availability of vacant rooms in hotels.

We decided to consult with the Oracle before every city or town where the coach stopped. As a result we got only two alternatives — Plymouth and Penzance. Logically reasoning, Plymouth seemed preferably. This is a large city, and it is more likely to find the lodging there, than in resort Penzance. But the information received from the Oracle pointed to the contrary (see Fig.14 and 15). In conformity with the Oracle we continued our way to Penzance, where fortunately have found the vacant hotel rather soon. According to host the guests that had booked this hotel in advance canceled the reservation shortly before our arrival.

Fig. 14. Scan of Plymouth. The reversed rune Raido symbolizes the closed path.

Fig. 14. Scan of Plymouth. The reversed rune
Raido symbolizes the closed path.

Fig. 15. Scan of Penzance. The rune Inguz symbolizes the auspicious completion.

Fig. 15. Scan of Penzance. The rune Inguz
symbolizes the auspicious completion.

3.3 Possible dangers concerned with using of the Virtual Oracle

Unfortunately, any new technology can be used not only for the good, but also to the detriment. As a consequence, developing the Oracle we tried to protect the system to the maximum from possibility of using for evil purposes or for receiving the destructive information.

In our opinion two potential negative aspects can be marked concerned with using of the Oracle.

First, it is a possibility to contact the necrosphere (analogue of spirit-rapping). In this regard a certain protection is provided by creation in information computer space the environment of sacred archetypical images that scare away the dangerous subtle creatures (pretas, demons, etc.).

Another aspect relates to a possibility of using of the Oracle as a source of information for harmful purposes, witchcraft rituals. In principle, the similar capability is characteristic of any oracle system. But if it is tuned for the upper worlds and filled with the sacred symbolics and archetypes, the probability of such using is significantly reduced. We tried to apply the same principle to our computer Oracle.

And, certainly, it is necessary to keep in mind that the Oracle is a human-machine system. Therefore the main factor protecting from the unfair use is a human-operator, his moral and spiritual purity, true religiousness.

4 Conclusion

Introduced non-local information fields objectivization technology in practice proved its high efficiency. The developed version of the virtual scanner is used for evaluation of characteristics of information energy fields and its harmonization at home, in places of power, for working with personal problems of an individual, as well as for mantic purposes. All versions of the Oracle are provided with the protection from using for destructive and harmful purposes. Presented technique for concentration intensification allows increasing the operator concentration for working with the Oracle. In future we plan to create the special collections of archetypes and structural components of scene. The research of possibility of using the physical system functioning in chaotic mode as information topologic detector in the Oracle is conducted.

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