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Chapter 7

by Evgueny Faydysh

Appendix I




Our civilization and all of us are now at the edge of the millennium change. Variable apocalyptic prophecies spoke a lot of this. Yet, except of the end of the world numerous ancient traditions mention the connected with it moment of passage to the qualitatively new humanity — humanity that has shaken off the grasp of matter, flesh, the weight of bestial instincts, struggle for survival, power. According to many prophecies the nature of the substance and matter itself would be supposed to change. Probably, the coming of the Spirit to matter and endless reincarnations had this particular goal.

Nevertheless, such passage would not be easy and, as in any process of development variants with no exit and apocalyptic scenarios are possible. The success of this passage depends on us, our inner evolution, personal spiritual growth, widening of the picture of the world up to the great extant. Ignoring subtle reality, its influence on us, history, scientific and technical development opens our civilization for the influence of destructive forces, makes us obeying toys of invisible but powerful beings, and takes our free will away.

An intense development of computer technologies, Internet can be an example. We have practically already entered the qualitatively new stage of civilization — the informational society where information and informational technologies have the defining meaning. However, understanding the growing role of computers in our life, not many people realize their subtle nature, think of invisible world of spirits, entering our space through computers, TV-sets, game-attachment, Internet. Furthermore, the majority of people would think it is something wrong with you if you start to speak about it.

This, certainly, does not mean that you have to break and throw away all electronics form your house immediately. Still one should be aware of the presence of subtle levels in mechanisms we are used to and then to control and direct them in the needed way. Then computers and TV-sets will be not a potential source of danger but our friends and helpers.

Another example can be the strongest influence of the daily use mechanisms and electronics on the streams of vital energy. Ignoring this fact leads to the creation of destructive energy in our homes and at work and as a result to the lower vital tonus, constant illnesses and weakness, nervousness and aggression.

All this proves the importance of watching the subtle connections in our environment. The same picture can be observed in the political and economical spheres and all other ones connected with meta-historical processes.

That is why only the widening of the picture of the world we are used to, including there invisible subtle spaces and beings, different connections with them would allow to overcome the modern crisis and help the forming of the new human civilization in the next millennium.


Chapter 7


Appendix I


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